Why Do You Need It?

It is imperative for small and medium sized business to request for financial statements audit services to better understand how their company operates, uses capital, and analyzes risk. Regardless of the size of your company, it’s important to have this understanding. Audits require a thorough understanding of the financial statements of your company. All the data collected can be used to show the stakeholders that your business practices are sound. At the same time, audits are also useful for businesses to acquire loans.

Whether your business needs an audit or not depends on many factors. Here are the top reasons your business might consider going for a financial audit:


Lender Requirements

Obtaining or renewing a loan is one of the many reasons why several businesses conduct financial statements audit. There are a number of lenders that also require an audit to check eligibility for banks loans, lines of credit and other types of loans. In addition, conducting a financial statements audit makes it much easier to acquire a loan and negotiate better interest rates.

Partnership or LLC

Financial statement audits have become important when it comes to business’s partnerships or LLC agreement.


Financial statement audits helps make the process easier for businesses looking to sell. The details given by an audit will help provide prospective investors with a transparent financial picture and also help owners decide their company’s sale price.

Good Business Practice

Performing periodic financial statement audits also helps sending a clear message to customers, clients, and other stakeholders about your business. This assists in building trust in your company’s financial stability and provides the instruments required for growth.

Pempot is here to provide auditing services for small and medium sized businesses operating in different industries. Whether you are a restaurant, motel, attorney’s office, or a day care center, we are equipped to perform quality financial statement audits. We also offer reviews and compilation services. Get in touch with our team for more information.

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